Learn more about the creation, sustainability and uses of compressed natural gas. 


How does a CNG powered vehicle run in comparison to a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle?

Fueling a CNG tank is much like fueling a gasoline or diesel tank. CNG tanks are filled when the pump transfers high-pressure natural gas into the vehicle’s tank, while managing the pressure of the CNG to make it consistent with the needs of the engine’s fuel-management system. The engine runs the same as a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle, igniting a spark plug with a mixture of fuel and air and producing rotating forces that move the vehicle.

CNG powered vehicles run similar to its gasoline-fueled alternatives in the aspects of power, speed and acceleration. Although, CNG vehicles will need to be refueled more often than gasoline powered vehicles.

Vehicles using CNG meet the same requirements and safety standards as those who use gasoline or diesel. CNG vehicles must also comply with the standards set fourth by the National Fire Protection Association’s 52 Vehicular Fuel System Code.

Compressed natural gas is transported to CNG fueling stations in a strong, puncture resistant tank. CNG powered vehicles carry their gas in smaller versions of these puncture resistant tanks.

What is the cost of CNG compared to gasoline?

Compressed natural gas pricing is more stable than gasoline pricing and typically runs more than one dollar less, per gallon, than gasoline.

How does it effect our environment?

Using a CNG powered vehicle lowers greenhouse emissions.

Can I convert my vehicle or fleet to CNG?

Certified installers can convert gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles and fleets into CNG fueled vehicles. The government provides monetary incentives for those who switch to CNG. 

Where is natural gas produced?

Eighty to ninety percent of the natural gas consumed in the United States is produced domestically. Production in the United States leads to economic growth and more jobs in the United States. This also decreases the amount of oil imported annually.